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Amelia Coburn is darkness and light. From tales of vengeful widows and moonlit stream-of-consciousness to songs filled with whimsical romance, she has a knack for making the unusual sound timeless. Her work is populated with the characters she meets in the dark shadows of literature, film noir and travels in unfamiliar lands. Amelia threads Tin Pan Alley melodies through European folk music and torchlit jazz with a blur of psychedelia and baroque pop.


Musical heroes and heroines include Serge Gainsbourg, Scott Walker, Joni Mitchell, Neil Hannon, Rufus Wainwright, Liza Minelli and David Bowie. From early musical epiphanies pilfering songs from her dad’s record collection which have infused her original work with a playful, punkish spirit that remains highly melodic and distinctive, in no small part, due to her unique, cut-glass delivery which betrays a love of the golden age of musicals and can pierce and melt even the most well-armoured heart.


A finalist in the BBC Folk Awards, Amelia’s live performances are captivating, dynamic and leave audiences stunned and walking away with a major new musical crush. Her natural, North Eastern stage presence disarms and beguiles in equal measure. It is art without artifice: The wild, theatrical characterisations of Jacques Brel pinned to the unforgettable melodic ability of McCartney. 


Her debut studio album 'Between the Moon and the Milkman', produced by Bill Ryder-Jones, is out now.

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